Visual communication design. Designing brands, websites, interfaces, printed matter & finding creative ways to tell the story right

Who I am

I am a communication designer based in Warsaw and I’ve spent the last 10+ years creating design solutions for a variety of different brands and people. I have a background in multimedia graphic design and art education, and I worked and gained experience at the digital agencies before turning to freelance. Always aiming to deliver relevant, engaging, and functional work.

How I work


Driven by curiosity and passion I work in close collaboration with the client, carefully combining creativity, craft, and business objectives. I value clear communication, simplicity, and care about details. My approach to design relies on an in-depth understanding of the project context and the client’s needs: to start with clearly defined goals, focus on strategic ideas, and get it right.

What I do


Designing an identifiable and noteworthy brands that helps clients increase their recognition. I will articulate a unique brand’s characteristics by creating a visual universe with relevant design elements: from logo to typography, to imagery, to color schemes.

– Naming
– Brand Identity Systems
– Creative & Art Direction
– Guidelines
– Brand Consulting


Developing online presence and designing  thoughtful experiences with tools that create consistency and attraction for all communications. Making content accessible in an optimal way with a clear and compelling structure that's relevant to your users.

– Digital design UI/UX
– Websites
– E-commerce
– Information Architecture
– Social Media Design & Curation

Print & more

Designing tangible communication media to reflect brand identity, so that we get the message across. Whether creating an editorial design for a magazine or print collateral, the aim is to inform and let audiences engage in memorable ways.

– Publication design
– Editorial design
– Packaging
– Brand Collateral
– Signage / Wayfinding

Interested in working together?

Based in Warsaw but I am always open to discuss new projects or collaboration wherever you’re based. If you have something in mind, just want to say hello, drop me a line please.

T (+48)503782804

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